Scope of Practice and the
Power of Language in the Fitness Industry

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Confused about what Scope of Practice means for you?

This quick (2 hour course) easily breaks down exactly how to work effectively within your scope of practice. Easy tips and tricks to ensure your clients are cared for you always look professional!

Price: $45

The language around Scope of Practice and Duty of Care can be wordy and confusing. Yet, if you are able to fully understand and confidently articulate it to others, then your level of professionalism will be increased ten-fold. Understanding the difference between sympathy and empathy, and understanding the nuances of your language, can translate into powerful questioning and strong relationships between yourself and your clients.

1. Gain clear understanding of what is exactly in your Scope of Practice as a Fitness Professional working in Australia and feel confident explaining to others, including Allied Health Professionals

2. Add powerful questions to your toolbox to convert new clients into raving fans

3. Understand how empathy, not sympathy, can impact positively on the health and wellbeing outcomes of your clients

This course is delivered via CQU online learning platform. Please purchase and enjoy this course with this link

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